Tailored algorithms and workflows

You have invested into advanced measurement technology and need a reliable and effective solution to get the most out of your data?
Our comprehensive experience in developing tailored solutions for a wide range of applications allows us to analyze your specific task in-depth and suggest a smart, innovative solution matching your needs.

Examples of successful solutions implemented:

  • Optimisation algorithm for rescuing drug substance batches of variable quality
  • Novel method for DSP scale down model comparison
  • Approaches for setting up mechanistic models based on prior empirical data
  • Fully automatic QC and analysis algorithm for a companion diagnostic device
  • Microarray quality control for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples
  • Fully automatic, microcontroller based image processing for a proteomics point-of-care device
  • First ante-mortem BSE diagnostics based on infrared spectroscopy of serum
  • Fully automatic polymer recognition system for a recycling pilot plant

Data analysis is often a critical step for realizing the full potential of advanced measurement systems. – Don’t waste the true performance of your system by not using an optimal, tailored approach!

Please contact us to find out how you can get the most out of your data!