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Research Groups

Peter Goos, Design of Experiments
Douglas Montgomery, Design of Experiments
Bradley Jones, Design of Experiments
Rasmus Bro and colleagues, Models, PARAFAC, PAT and more
Beata Walczak, with a lot of useful chemometrics material
Age Smilde, Biosystems Data Analysis
Johan Trygg, O-PLS and more
R.P.W Duin, Pattern Recognition
Bernhard Schölkopf, Support Vector Machines and Kernel Methods
Douglas Hawkins, Process Data Analysis
David Rocke, Microarray and Proteomics analysis
Terry Speed, Bioinformatics
Gordon Smyth, Microarray analysis
Richard Simon, Microarray analysis
Wolfgang Huber, Microarray analysis
Florian Markowetz, Microarray analysis
Sandrine Dudoit, Microarray analysis
Olga Troyanskaya, Data Integration
Mia Hubert, Robust Statistics
Nicole Krämer, Partial Least Squares, Theory
Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Partial Least Squares, Bioinformatics
Roman Rosipal, Kernel-chemometrics
Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, PLS path modelling
Margaret Pepe, Biostatistics
Dan Sargent, Colorectal cancer biostatistics


Design Expert, great design of experiments software
JMP, great statistics software for design of experiments and root cause analysis
G*Power, free software for sample size calculations
Matlab, From ICS-L: "What cannot be done in Matlab is probably not worth doing..."
R, for all things statistical...
Python, for all things machine learning..
PLS-Toolbox, chemometrics toolbox for Matlab
PRTools, pattern recognition toolbox for Matlab
perClass, deploying pattern recognition models and spectral image analysis
Spider, support vector machine toolbox for Matlab
Libra, robust statistics toolbox for Matlab
Matlab code from Rasmus Bro and colleagues, Multiway and more
Umetrics (Sartorius), SIMCA chemometrics software including O- and O2-PLS
Aspentech Unscrambler, chemometrics software
Prosensus, using MVDA for product development
Statistica, statistics software
Bioconductor, bioinformatics repository for R
Genedata, microarray analysis software
Partek, microarray analysis software


GEO, microarray data
Arrayexpress, microarray data
CAMDA, data from the CAMDA microarray competition
Chemometric Data from Rasmus Bro and colleagues


TIBCO Data Science Handbook (formerly Statsoft Electronic Statistics Handbook)
Reports from Richard Simon on Microarray Analysis
Massive Analysis and Quality Control Society (MAQC)
Bio-IT World
Scientific Computing World
International Chemometrics Society
Citeseer Digital Library